Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hello! My name is Rami and I'm a student programmer participating in the 2013 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) with mentor organization Mono.

My project, Cocos3D-XNA, involves porting the 3d graphics library cocos3d from Objective-C to C#. With the aid of MonoGame --- an open source and cross-platform implementation of Microsoft's XNA 4.0 graphics framework, the aim is to similarly make Cocos3D-XNA a cross-platform port.

I'm about at the half-way point of GSoC (sorry, bit late in setting up my blog), so I thought I'd showcase the progress made so far.

Camera support

Firstly, in contrast to XNA/MonoGame, cocos3d has an in-built CC3Camera suite of classes that are responsible for updating the view and projection matrices of a scene base on changes to a camera's position, target, zoom factor etc. Additionally, cocos3d also includes support for animating these camera parameters. Here's an example of the port Cocos3D-XNA putting a perspective camera through its paces.

Shader/Texture support

Porting cocos3d's logic for loading/binding shader programs and textures primarily involved translating a lot of OpenGL calls into their corresponding XNA equivalents. Here's an example of the port rendering a scene using a simple single texture shader.

You can find both the demo code and API on GitHub here. Any comments or suggestions would be great. Just keep in mind there's still a lot left to be done!

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