Monday, September 16, 2013

Wrapping up

As the Google summer of code (Gsoc) is drawing to an end, I've been spending the past week polishing the library in its current state rather than trying to rush through any new features through. To recap, the port Cocos3D-XNA currently has support for:

  • creation of orthographic/perspective cameras
  • animatable camera properties (position, zooming etc)
  • configurable materials (multi-texturing, ambient/specular/diffuse/emission colors)
  • integration with custom shaders
  • creation of primitive 3d meshes (spheres, cones, boxes and planes),
which overall I don't think is too shabby a foundation for the port on which to build upon.

Finally, no words can describe how grateful I am to both Google and Mono for this experience, so instead I'll leave them with this:

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